Do you have what it takes to be an assassin? This is a 24/7 water-gun assassination tournament that lasts 3 weeks, and REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! Anyone taking part should be prepared for an extra week of ‘sudden death’ tournament if the game is not over by 22 June. That’s about a month of your life [...]

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NYC 2011

A 3 week tournament: Game starts on Midnight, Sept 19th, ends on October 9th, 2010 (Sudden death lasts till Oct 17th, if necessary). Sign up is closed. Some Rules and Qualifications: To qualify to play: You must be 18 years old or above please! Though we reserve the right to make exceptions to this rule [...]

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NYC 2009

Champion – Midnight Toker Most kills – Team: The River Rats (8 kills) Golden Mustache Award – Bobby Drake

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San Francisco 2010

Winner – Deadspace of Team: The Shadow Warriors Most kills – The Shadow Warriors (9 kills) Golden Mustache Award – Team Toothless

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NYC 2010

Champion – Boba Fetch Most Kills – Firefox Golden Mustache Award – Gangster

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Ay Caramba, esta muerto!

Are you a sad, wet assassin? Yes, some of you are dead, but it doesn’t mean that StreetWars is over for you just yet. Do you wish you can have a second chance? (Rogues are often found drunk in a ditch) Or at least a chance to drink away your shame? COME TO DRINKS FOR THE [...]

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Lubrication & Liquidation

Common traits associated with distinguished assassins include: stealth, surprise, cunning, deception, subtlety, and creativity. This is why they call it the art of war. Getting someone wet requires skill, style, and much sexiness. However, the trouble with excitable virgins overly keen to pop their cherries is that nervousness and inexperience leads to a lot of [...]

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London Pickups

It was awesome. Well, the Shadow Government certainly had fun. Although bribes offered (or lack thereof) were quite frankly pitiful. To the lame assassins who failed to attend and were absent, shame on you.  To pick up your dossiers, get in touch ASAP. Do note that you are already being hunted. Stay dry. It’s only Day 1.

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Aug 2010: London

Sign up now to play StreetWars in London.

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July 2010: New York City

Sign up is now closed. Game begins July 17th.

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